Family and sharing is central to Yinggarda culture.
Sharing stories and passing on knowledge generation after generation has kept our culture alive and strong for tens of thousands of years. Today, we are proud to share our ancient culture with people from all over the world. Our cultural protocols run deep and respect for cultural knowledge and sacred places requires that in some places, visitors are accompanied by a culturally appropriate guide.

Meet Your Yinggarda Guides



Working as a Cultural Guide at Gwoonwardu Mia - Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage & Culture Centre, Renee recognised a demand from visitors for Yinggarda culture tours ‘on country’. Armed with a passion for culture and an extensive knowledge of local bush foods, Rennee turned a long held dream into a reality in 2020 when she started Worramulla Eco Tours.

Rennee is currently studying the Yinggarda language and is part of a working committee dedicated to preserving Aboriginal languages.



Working for DBCA (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions) as a Parks Ranger in Kennedy Ranges National Park, Anthony knows this country like the back of his hand. His role includes land management, maintenance of park infrastructure, monitoring of flora & fauna and park visitor information and safety. As a Traditional Owner, father and grandfather, he is passionate about the conservation of Yingggarda Country and Culture, sharing Cultural knowledge and ensuring his people’s continuous connection to this land.



I am an elder from the Ingaarda nation in the Gascoyne region with country connections to the Wooramel River area. I am a mother to 7 children, grandmother and great grandmother. I have a passion for my culture and language and through sharing this knowledge I can keep my culture and language alive. My country where I walk is my connection to my ancestors who have walked before me and are now resting in the Dreamtime but have left their stories for me to share so people get to understand what it means to be Aboriginal and be proud of it.